Lots of things need to be considered before opening your first shop ...

  • Businessplan?
  • Store design?
  • Ice cream recipes?
  • Where to get the products?
  • Have I got the right location?
  • What is the initial investment?
  • How much turnover do I need?


ICEZEIT INTERNATIONAL has partnered with the best on the market in order to make your dream come through.


From scratch to the opening                                                                     ICEZEIT INT helps with following topics:

 We´ve got a plan for you.


  • Businessplan modified to your specific location, worldwide.
  • World class recipes - easy to use. No need to have years of experience.
  • Worldwide distribution of highest quality products at superb conditions.
  • Shop design including machinery out of one hand.
  • We have the long time experience of shops managed by ourselves.
  • Long time experience in production of top-level ice-cream.

Recipes & know how

Key visuals & posters

Cups, Waffles & more


Bonus cards & print samples

Merchandise & clothing